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Whatever their main interests, the discerning visitors will find great beauty and charm in the fascinating heart of Central and Eastern Europe, where the sunny landscapes, fine cooking and delicious wines complement the artistic and architectural treasures of the region. We created outstanding tours focused on one central theme, i.e. Habsburg Empire, Roman Heritage, River Danube, Wine & Gastronomy bringing together people, places and a lot of hidden treasures in a unique combination.

Tour directors

Hired for their ‘people’ skills as well as their travel expertise, Transylvania Collection Tour Directors are with you every step of the way, sharing knowledge about your destination, streamlining the logistics like check-in and museum tickets, and ensuring in countless ways that your tour is the experience of a lifetime.



Habsburg Story vol.1: from Vienna to Transylvania

from 1770 EUR
16 Day tour from Vienna to Vienna covering Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia...
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Habsburg Story vol.2: from Prague down to the Adriatic

from 1825 EUR
16 Day tour from Prague to Vienna covering Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia,...
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Habsburg Story vol.3: from Vienna to Krakow

from 1790 EUR
17 Day tour from Vienna to Vienna covering some parts of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia,...
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Roman Heritage: Danube Wine Trail

from 1962 EUR
18 Day tour from Bucharest to Bucharest New: Guaranteed departure August 16 2018...
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Rail Epic: Welcome to the Alps Show!

from 2998 EUR
14 Day rail tour from Vienna to Zürich Introduction Sometime rail...
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Habsburg Story vol.4: The Wine Trail

from 3728 EUR
17 Day tour from Budapest to Vienna, including Hungary, Romania (Transylvania), Serbia,...
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The Waves of Danube: From Regensburg down to Danube Delta

from 1987 EUR
15 Day tour from Regensburg to Danube Delta celebrating the river. It covers Germany,...
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