About us

About us

25 May 2015

We are a team of experienced hospitality industry professionals who have created a collection of inbound tours as the ultimate tool for worldwide tour operators wishing to fine tune travel to Transylvania and the Carpathians for discerning clients.

Years of successful operations in the inbound travel industry gave us the inspiration to create original programmes that promote and highlight the beauty and unique character of the Romanian destinations.

The magnificent mountain country of the Carpathians is now justly famous in the world, and alone justify a trip to Romania; however such a visit is immensely enhanced by exposure to a wide range of historic monuments and art works, stretching from sophisticated Bronze Age pottery up to the works of Brancusi, the untouched nature, the lively myths and legends, the authentic medieval villages, rich wildlife and the last remaining peasant culture in Europe. Wild Carpathians feature traditional landscapes, the largest area of virgin forests left in Europe as well as semi-natural habitats such as mountain pastures and hay meadows.

We consider His Royal Highness Prince Charles as the best ambassador for Transylvania, Carpathians Land and their rural areas. His Royal Highness believes that Romania’s villages are   among the country’s most valuable assets. He likes the simplicity and the naturalness of life in these villages, where people live off the land, growing food, knitting clothes and weaving carpets.

This website is intended to present some original multi-country tours as well. Our carefully designed itineraries to Central and Eastern Europe’s most exciting cities and fascinating landscapes, connected by common history, are the gems of this unique collection.

Have a seat and enjoy our TransylvaniaCollection!

Teodor Moldoveanu

Managing Director