Wine & Gastronomy

Long before Roman conquest, Dacia was already a famous vineyard land. Dacia is the ancient name of Romania. Our ancestors made good wines, a fact mentioned by ancient Greek and Roman historians. Here in Romania, the conditions are perfect for growing top quality grapes which become refined wines with rich body and intense aromas, full of pleasurable sensations.

Romanian natural cuisine is always fresh and seasonal. It is based on local organic produce and paired with amazing wines. And we think this is all about Romania: the tomato still tastes like a tomato, the chicken tastes like a chicken, the whole food is normal, natural and traditional. Come and spoil all your senses with the truly fine Romanian cuisine while making new friends!


Transilvanyan Wines

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6 Day wine tour from Cluj Napoca to Cluj Napoca Introduction For the...
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Wine Tour of Southern Romania

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4 Day tour from Bucharest to Bucharest Introduction For the respect for...
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