Cincsor Guesthouses

Cincsor Guesthouses

, Romania

The Former Evangelical School, together with the Former Parish House and the Fortified Church in Cincsor, form a historic ensemble that is typical for the Transylvanian Saxon villages. The church, school, parish house and community represent the core of spirituality and Saxon culture.

Build in 1910 in the Art Nouveau Style and restored in 2014, the former Protestant Saxon School, now turned into a guesthouse, offers the perfect getaway and relaxation.

Apart from the 4 bedrooms, the guesthouse features a recreation area in the chimney room, a library/media room and a well-lit porch designed as a dining area.

The Former Evangelical Parish House is the oldest private building in Cincsor. It was regarded as the spiritual center of the community – all priests had a higher education, some of them even studied in renowned universities in Germany and so were meant to bring progress to all Saxon communities, progress that was usually concentrated around the Church. The former Parish House was probably built sometime before 1600, having only one room at that time and was extended as the years and centuries followed.

Where the stables used to be there are today rooms and large apartments that open in the spacious Parish garden and yard.


Free Wi-Fi

Bathrooms with bathtub and hair-dryer

Several lounge areas, both in the former school and former parish house

Lounge area in the yard

Two libraries

`Stories house` for children – play area

Inside board games


  • The Old Parish House Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • The Old Parish House 2 Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • The Old Scool Library Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • The Old School 1 Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • The Old Parish House 3 Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • The Old Parish House Room no 3 Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • The Old Parish House Room no 1 Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • The Old School Room no 1 Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • The Old School Room no 1 Foto by Silvia Ciungu
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  • The Old School Room no 4 Foto by Silvia Ciungu
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  • Gastronomy Foto by Silvia Ciungu
  • Rooms

    Attic big room: spacious and well-lit, decorated in the Saxon tradition, this double room has a children’s bed, a table with stools and a writing desk. Found in the attic, with a spectacular view of both the village and the Carpathian Mountains, this room has a modern bathroom with shower and bathtub. It’s not only comfortable but also romantic.

    Church oriented room: An elegant room located in the attic and completed with an en suite bathroom, a double bed and a work area, with a view of the fortified church and the former parish house.

    Mountain oriented room: Providing a stunning view of the mountains, this double bed room, also in the attic and with adjoining bathroom, offers privacy and comfort. Delight yourself while reading one of the books in the mini library in the room.

    School room: Located on the ground floor, this spacious bright room provides both a sleeping and a relaxation area. The room offers a double bed and every comfort, Art Nouveau furniture – couch and table – and an en suite bathroom with bath.

    Library: A room with history, both literally and figuratively, with the name of the architect Fritz Balthes written all over it, the library was initially used as a classroom.


  • Restaurant

    The porch in former school: Taste the local Saxon food or simply enjoy a cup of homemade mint tea while relaxing in this spacious porch that was recently built and rejoice in the light that floods the room. The porch opens towards the back yard where you can serve meals or simply hang out with friends.

    Gastronomy is traditional Saxon and Romanian with a touch of gourmet style.

  • Tips

    Home baked bread and traditional Saxon pie – Schar

    Learn the art and magic of baking your own traditional bread and Saxon pie, Schar, in an outside wood oven. What an experience to bake your own bread, to prepare the dough using natural ingredients, to heat up the oven, to prepare the Schar! Tell stories and enjoy a glass of wine while waiting for the bread and pie to bake! Taste the unique aroma of the Schar which is served warm with a shot of schnapps. Let us go back to traditions and customs, to the essence of rural life! Available only in the summer season!

    Cooking for yourself

    Do you want to cook a special meal? Choose from our selection of recipes or tell us what you want to cook and for a small additional cost we will provide you with a unique cooking basket containing all ingredients necessary for a delicious recipe upon arrival. Not always available!


    Would you like hiking in the Făgăraș Mountains on a sunny day? Enjoy the fresh mountain air and scenery, stay fit and relax with your friends and family during one of our hiking trips! Not always available!

    Day trips

    Enjoy the Transylvanian culture, traditions and architecture while on a day trip to Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara or other surrounding fortified churches and monasteries. In the evening there will be a special diner waiting for you and those close to you! Not always available!

    Cow milking

    While exploring the food theme, why not try fun real life activities like cow milking to educate your kids? Teach your kids where milk and dairy products come from in an eco-friendly environment. Not always available!